Welcome to Boskel

Boskel is a thermal process engineering company specializing in providing solutions to industrial process problems in Nigeria, the West African Coast, and other parts of the world. We pride ourselves in designing solutions appropriate to conditions of the environment, infrastructure, and budget for which the solution is intended while meeting international standards. With well trained technical staff of over 100, we offer unconditional warranties on our systems and "No Cure, No Pay" guarantee to ensure total satisfaction and commitment to our clients success.

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25+ Years of Expertise:

  • Smokeless Flares for the Oil and Gas Industries
  • Smokeless Industrial Oil Slop Burners
  • Remote Ignition Systems for Flares
  • Incinerators for Hazardous and Municipal Wastes
  • Thermal Desorption Units for Soil Remediation
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Operation & Management of our Incineration Facility
  • Integrated Waste Management Facility
  • Process Systems Design and Fabrication